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Program Report, Summer 2014

Cuba - As part of the family of God we have the opportunity to share both the joys and sorrows of life and grow closer to Jesus and each other. That describes our time in Cuba in March. We shared the joy of enabling each other in ministry. We delivered several suitcases of craft supplies, costuming, balls and basic office items to help in the Children's Camps that reached about 500 during the summer. The Cuban team translated and recorded four of our puppet shows in Spanish. Together we ministered to both chldren and adults. At the same time we shared in the sorrow that Isidra Bermudez has gone on to be with Jesus. Everything we were doing was a direct results of her prayers and vision. We miss her.

Dominican Republic - Creative Ministries spent about 15 days in the Dominican Republic in April. We had several focuses while there. We went early to prepare for the youth team from our church, and then hosted them there. Our other focus was to minister to the folks in Higuey and to speak at a pastor's conference. We spoke several times and spent Easter Sunday baptizing new believers.

Open Door - Our first 9 days of the summer were spent in Greenville with the great folks at Open Door. We did a VBS for their day care of about 200, and they make it flow so easily. It was a joy to see children grow in their prayer lives, and understand that God is with them and loves them and wants them to know Him.

Oasis Day Camps - Our theme this year is about getting a picture of who God is. He is loving and forgiving, a provider and healer, powerful and unending, and is always with us. He not only hears and answers prayer, but speaks to us as we take time to listen. His is the same for each of us as we open our hearts to Him.

Collide Camp - 4th to 8th Grades, and High School Camps - When kids and teens take a week apart from their family, friends and electronics, and choose to focus on "Life in the Spirit," things happen. It was an exciting two weeks as we watched God transform the lives of about 80 young believers. Check out our Facebook page for testimonies. There are also testimonies on Liberty's Youth Facebook page.

Prayer Requests

* Thank God for a safe and fruitful trip to Cuba

* For all those touched by Jesus at our day camps.

* For Cliff Ann to find the right publisher for her book

* Rest as the summer draws to a close