Using the tools of the creative arts to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ


About Us: Since 1978, God has given us the privilege of sharing the Good News in 18 states, and 14 countries, including Zambia, Cuba, England and Thailand. We use the tools of the creative arts, including puppets, skits, mime and drama to tell the story of God's love wherever He give us the opportunity.

We have two full-time staff members and make use of many volunteers throughout the year.

Creative Ministries in overseen by a board of directors. Members of the board of directors of Creative Ministries are committed to a ministry of multiplication, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ while discipling and equipping others to do so as well. Every member of the board, as well as each staff member—paid or volunteer—is a part of a local church fellowship. Fay Nelson and CliffAnn Perry, founding members of the organization are full time employees. John Hobbs and Betty Jo Hobbs , head of Maranatha Ministries Unlimited , have been their mentors and advisors since 1981. Charles and Chris Linde, medical professionals, have been supporters and part of the ministry staff since its beginning. Dave Stormont, a building contractor, and Penny, a real estate professional, work tirelessly in our community and through our ministry to connect people with God’s unfailing love.

Our statement of faith is simply the Apostles' Creed, and we work with churches and parachurch organizations of many denominations.

Fay Nelson became a Christian as an adult, drawn to and overtaken by God’s love through an interdenominational outreach ministry. As she experienced God’s redeeming love and His healing of inoperable back problems, her focus quickly changed from teaching in the public school system to sharing God’s love in unique venues. An opportufay nelsonnity to produce a television show in 1978 led Fay to join with CliffAnn Perry and a small group of others to form Creative Ministries. The show, The R a i n b o w Factory , was created in 1980 and became the springboard for the “live” ministry she has been a part of since then. Using many of the creative arts to share God’s love led naturally to teaching others, to writing for publication, and the joy of discipling new Christians.

CliffAnn Perry knew from the night she accepted the Lord at a Billy Graham Crusade that her life was His to direct. She spent her high school years preparing to follow His call, working summers in an interdenominational ministry, helping lead her youth group, and seeking God’s will for her life. He led her to Asbury College where she earned a degree in Christian Education cliff annand then became one of the founding members of Creative Ministries. Her role as program director has been a natural venue for her to share the creative gifts God has given her. CliffAnn’s delight is to share God’s love in ways that make it visible and real to others. She received her Masters in Communication with a concentration in creative drama from Regent University in 1995. She continues to write curriculum, skits, and shows and to choreograph dances which make God’s love real.